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03:55pm 02/05/2012

Has it really been 8 months? Facebook sure has taken a lot of the steam out of this thing.

Anyway, roughly one year - say, by next birthday - I think that I should be in a pretty good place. Two new books out, new editions of the old two, a course that I think should be fairly lucrative - that is most of my scheduled public writing done. Hoping to have the new, improved Agathon Project functional by then, as well. Lots of other little things, too. Provided that the world situation holds more or less together and I do not get shot by that bongo kid or something, it should all make for a nice launch platform. Which will be pretty good work for a little over four years. 

07:38am 31/08/2011

Life, Death, Earth, Hell - these are other-determined ideas and I am a Self-determined entity. Simply put, I AM. There is me and there is the Dream, and that is all that there ever was, is or will be. Whatever I seem to be and whatever it seems to be, I am still mySelf and the Dream is still the Dream. The time is always NOW, the place is always HERE and I AM.

08:25pm 23/07/2011

"One of the true secrets to successful money magic is not to first painstakingly search for resources, but rather to turn absolutely everything into a resource!" - Frater U.D.
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The Mind of Liberty   
01:56am 10/03/2011

Building The Living Temple should be out any time now, but I have already started on the next.

First draft of first paragraph of first chapter:

"At the time that this is being written, real understanding of political issues on the part of the masses within the United States is essentially impossible. For that matter, even real communication on these issues is impossible. People are so hypnotized by labels and buzzwords that they can only shout them at each other like curses and defensive spells in a barbarous tongue that they do not understand but have invested with profound superstitious belief."

Of course, similar issues also apply to pretty much all other countries. They will be handled throughout the book, as well.

up rising   
12:08am 25/02/2011


I was wondering why my knee had mostly healed but then stopped. Yesterday, I felt something pop into a seemingly better place. So, hopefully, it can finish now.

Some of my work is going to be in a show in a local gallery in April.

Leaving in the morning to take the Pandemonium show on the road for a few days. This is definitely going to be budget travel, especially as I now need to get paintings framed. I have packed breakfasts to take with me, so that should save a few dollars.

With apologies to Reznor, these are the last days of my first days.

Building the Living Temple   
09:22am 01/02/2011


Just sent the files for new book for typesetting and so on. Here are the contents:

Building the Living Temple : A Manual for Freemasons
Preface and Acknowledgements
The Entered Apprentice
The Twenty-Four Inch Gauge
The Common Gavel
Quarrying Stones
The Fellow Craft
The Working Tools of a Fellow Craft
Cultivating Virtue
Mastering Emotion
The Master Mason
The Trowel
Bridging Inner and Outer Work
Further Light
Appendix: Suggested Reading List

coming attractions   
06:42am 10/01/2011


"The real American Revolution is a radical change in the principles, opinions, and sentiments of the people." - John Adams

Getting ahead of myself, but this is the theme of my next book, after the Masonic one. Sort of an AnCap/Libertarian psychology workbook. Other people are more qualified to write on economics and law - and I point the way to a lot of them - but I am going to take the insurrection Deep Inside.

Annum Novum, faustum felicem!   
06:09pm 02/01/2011


I have spent 2009 and 2010 making preparations. I intend to eat this year alive.

Fantastic objects are drifting toward me. When they arrive, the Work will begin in earnest.

05:23am 28/11/2010


I just had the craziest dream/"download". I can only describe it as something like a documentary on the ideas of Mircea Eliade and/or Joseph Campbell, filmed in the styles of The Holy Mountain and Natural Born Killers.

One prominent part had guys pretending to be dead so that they could attack vultures for their feathers. Then they turned into very strange cartoon creatures and said that they were shamans now.

This was a film that I was showing in a school. Before that, though, I dreamed that I walked by a ragged looking deer on the side of the road that turned into a serval and came over for me to pet it.

Or maybe it was just a lynx or bobcat, which would mean a prey turning into its predator (and showing the friendliness of an ally). Oh, and that puts me in mind of Burroughs' "deercat" spirit...which he said was a rare and difficult ally to obtain (The Western Lands). Hm.

Peter Christopherson has died.   
06:00am 25/11/2010

Too early, too sad.

He and Balance built most of my Heart, and they will haunt it forever.
08:23pm 22/11/2010


The map becomes the territory.

The Essential and Crucial Shift   
04:12am 18/11/2010


"Consider the One-God Universe: OGU. The spirit recoils in horror from such a deadly impasse. He is all-powerful and all-knowing. Because He can do everything, He can do nothing, since the act of doing demands opposition. He knows everything so there is nothing for him to learn. He can't go anywhere since He is already fucking everywhere, like cowshit in Calcutta. 

The OGU is a pre-recorded universe of which He is the recorder. It's a flat, thermodynamic universe, since it has no friction by definition. So he invents friction and conflict, pain, fear, sickness, famine, war, old age, Death. His OGU is running down like an old clock. Takes more and more and more to make fewer and fewer Energy Units of Sek, as we call it in the trade. 

The Magical Universe, MU, is a universe of many gods, often in conflict. So the paradox of an all-powerful, all-knowing God who permits suffering, evil and death, does not arise."

William S. Burroughs, The Western Lands

PLEASE do not think of this only in terms of religion or mythology. Think of it in terms of Physics. Think of it in terms of Economics. Think of it in terms of everyday life.

A realization...   
08:47am 13/11/2010


Like Superman, only things from my own world can hurt me.


Adam Kadmon is dead, dead, dead, dead.   
12:28am 07/11/2010


"Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, rivers in the desert." - Isaiah 43:19

cooking news   
06:47pm 13/10/2010


Ground pork rinds, parmesan cheese, almond flour, Old Bay and black pepper as breading for chicken - another great victory in the heroic war against carbohydrates!

11:03pm 12/10/2010


The library at the Lodge is shaping up quite well. All that I have done has been to suggest the books - so I can not take a lot of credit - but it is still a beautiful thing to see come together.

My own W/work is also expanding and proliferating in new directions at a vigorous pace. Need to get some more supplies, but my royalties are late. Just waitng for that check to show up and then the next round of wyrdness can commence.

12:59pm 27/09/2010

I heard about making low-carb quiche crust with soy flour and parmesan cheese. Of course, I do not want to get into the habit of eating soy products, but I had to try this out. It was pretty good.

Filling was a pound of ground beef, half a bag of taco cheese (with seasoning), five eggs and a cup of heavy cream. The rest of the taco cheese and some more parmesan went on top.

I also got a tub of five-layer dip (bean, salsa, avocado, sour cream and cheese) so as to lay a dollop on each slice like ice cream on pie.

FANTASTIC and lasted all day.
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The bats have come home to roost...   
12:30pm 25/09/2010


One of the main reasons that I had been avoiding Facebook was the fear of encountering people from my past, as I was really feeling much better off without most of them. But...the past caught up with me, anyway, so I went ahead and signed up.


Also been helping my friend James put the Lodge library into order. Old, redundant stuff is cleared out and new stuff is coming in. Very good.

11:22am 14/09/2010




04:50pm 03/09/2010

One year since The Black Ship was published.