SobekPtah (sobekptah) wrote,

The Essential and Crucial Shift


"Consider the One-God Universe: OGU. The spirit recoils in horror from such a deadly impasse. He is all-powerful and all-knowing. Because He can do everything, He can do nothing, since the act of doing demands opposition. He knows everything so there is nothing for him to learn. He can't go anywhere since He is already fucking everywhere, like cowshit in Calcutta. 

The OGU is a pre-recorded universe of which He is the recorder. It's a flat, thermodynamic universe, since it has no friction by definition. So he invents friction and conflict, pain, fear, sickness, famine, war, old age, Death. His OGU is running down like an old clock. Takes more and more and more to make fewer and fewer Energy Units of Sek, as we call it in the trade. 

The Magical Universe, MU, is a universe of many gods, often in conflict. So the paradox of an all-powerful, all-knowing God who permits suffering, evil and death, does not arise."

William S. Burroughs, The Western Lands

PLEASE do not think of this only in terms of religion or mythology. Think of it in terms of Physics. Think of it in terms of Economics. Think of it in terms of everyday life.

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