SobekPtah (sobekptah) wrote,



I just had the craziest dream/"download". I can only describe it as something like a documentary on the ideas of Mircea Eliade and/or Joseph Campbell, filmed in the styles of The Holy Mountain and Natural Born Killers.

One prominent part had guys pretending to be dead so that they could attack vultures for their feathers. Then they turned into very strange cartoon creatures and said that they were shamans now.

This was a film that I was showing in a school. Before that, though, I dreamed that I walked by a ragged looking deer on the side of the road that turned into a serval and came over for me to pet it.

Or maybe it was just a lynx or bobcat, which would mean a prey turning into its predator (and showing the friendliness of an ally). Oh, and that puts me in mind of Burroughs' "deercat" spirit...which he said was a rare and difficult ally to obtain (The Western Lands). Hm.

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